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Daniel Catan Opera Classical Composer
Salsipuedes: A Tale of Love, War and Anchovies

Salsipuedes: a Tale of Love, War and Anchovies is a tragicomedy opera in three acts written by Daniel Catán. Beginning with a double wedding, two newlywed couples are mistakenly taken aboard an island ship where they get tangled in a plot by the island's corrupt government to sell their most valuable commodity: anchovies.

Daniel Catan Daniel Catán

Act I

In 1943 on the island of Salsipuedes, Ulises and Chucho, two famous musicians, have just married sisters Lucero and Magali. While celebrating in the courtyard of hotel Ambos Mundos, they are interrupted and informed that Ulises and Chucho must sing the island's national anthem at an upcoming event.  Later, when the event takes place, General García announces that the island is declaring war on Nazi Germany, unveiling the war ship The Invincible on the dock behind them.  Standing on the wrong platform, the ship sets sail, taking Ulises and Chucho with it


A party begins on The Invincible.  Dressed in disguise, Magali and Lucero arrive. Uninterested in the advances of La China and Orquídea, Chucho and Ulises are immediately drawn to the mysterious

women. After drunken conversation, the wives reveal themselves and accuse their husbands of infidelity.  After denying any betrayal, Chucho discovers the ship is communicating with a Nazi submarine.  He accuses the captain of corrupt involvement with the Nazis.  Word gets back to General García and he is terrified of the consequences of his illegal activities.  He tells his assistant that he will take the blame for the sale of anchovies.  The assistant refuses and kills the general.  When it becomes clear that the deal with the Nazis is off, the captain distracts the submarine long enough for the other passengers to escape on landing crafts.  The Nazi submarine fires at The Invincible, destroying it.  The opera finishes with hope as the two newlywed couples, along with La China and Orquídea, see the island in the distance.

Act II

Frustrated, Lucero and Magali travel port to port looking for their husbands.  Meanwhile on the Invincible, the two musicians complain to the captain, asking him to let them off the ship. The captain refuses.  Ulises and Chucho then discover large quantities of anchovies on the ship.  Back on the island, it is revealed that General García is going to sell the anchovies to the Nazis.  Soon after, The Invincible docks and the two musicians meet  two flirty women: La China and Orquídea.  After begging, the two women are allowed to board The Invincible with the two married men.  Before boarding, Lucero and Magali stumble upon the two women and immediately suspect infidelity.


Full Orchestra


Salsipuedes: A Tale of Love, War and Anchovies performed by Orquesta Sinfónica Mexiquense


The world premiere of Salsipuedes: A Tale of Love, War and Anchovies

 performed by the Houston Grand Opera

Salsipuedes: A Tale of Love, War and Anchovies performed by Orquesta Sinfónica Mexiquense

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