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Il Postino

Daniel Catan Daniel Catán

Act I

Di Cosimo, an Italian politician, sings the nationalist anthem of the island of Cala de Soto.  Soon after, it is announced that the exiled Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, has arrived in Rome and will live on the island.  Mario, a postal worker on Cala de Soto, begins delivering mail to the poet.  He soon falls in love with Beatrice, a waitress at a local café.  Mario begs Neruda for help with poetry so he can win her heart.  Neruda helps the young man, teaching him poetry and metaphors.

Act II

Beatrice, falling in love with Mario, is scolded by her aunt who is displeased with her contact with the young man.  Soon after, Mario and Beatrice embrace and fall in love.  Meanwhile, Neruda continues teaching Mario about poetry and a friendship forms between them.  The act closes with the marriage of Mario and Beatrice.  During the reception, Neruda receives a telegraph informing him that it is safe for him to return to Chile.


Neruda prepares to return to Chile.  He says goodbye to Mario and departs.  Later, Mario is asked to send Neruda's remaining items to Chile.  As political tensions increase in Italy, Mario creates a recording for Neruda, collecting the sounds of the Island.  Soon after, Mario begins using his poetic skills, learned from Neruda, to challenge the oppressive Italian government.  He is killed at a rally.  Neruda soon returns and hears the voice of Mario through his recording.


Full Orchestra

Il Postino is an opera in three acts by Daniel Catán with a Spanish libretto by the composer. Based on the novel Ardiente paciencia by Antonio Skármeta and the film Il Postino by Michael Radford, the work contains elements of drama and comedy, integrating themes of love and friendship along with political and spiritual conflict.


Film clips of the world premiere of Il Postino, performed by the LA Opera


The world premiere of Il Postino performed by the LA Opera

Il Postino performed by Opera Saratoga in New York

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